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Chuck Knoblauch
October 8, 1998
Red Sox- Yankees Jokes
Roger Clemen$

Roger Clemen$ departs too a flurry of boos after the 1999 ALCS vs. Pedro Martinez and the Boston Red Sox. The puffy pitcher made his playoff return to a frenzied Fenway and was subsequentally pounded in a 13- 1 loss. The fans were so unrelenting that Clemen$'s wife and kids left Fenway early. Notice the gentleman giving the Texa$ conman a one- fingered salute and the fans pointing forks (he's all done.))>

Carlton Fisk flipping the bird

Red Sox Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk salutes the New York yankee$ bench during pregame festivities at Fenway Park during the 1999 ALCS.

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